Physical Training Sessions at Home

There are days when the gym seems like one huge irritation. After a long day at work you just don’t feel like being around people anymore. You don’t want those quick chats, you don’t want to catch anyone stares. You just want to focus on your physical training session.

The good news is – you can still have a killer workout at home!

Ask your trainer to map out a home training program for you that can serve as an additional booster to your gym training. Considering you don’t have much equipment or time, stick to the simple, yet highly effective exercises like pike push ups; resistance band chest press, planks, crunches and more.

A good home workout program should look like this:

  • Warmup (3-4 minutes)
  • An aerobic workout (up to 10 minutes)
  • Strength-building exercises (up to 10 minutes)
  • Flexibility moves. (5-7 minutes)
  • A cooldown (2-3 minutes)